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The picturesque village of Crondall is situated in north east Hampshire, England and is all that remains of the Crondall Hundred which was surveyed in the Domesday Book of 1086. The village is on gentle slopes of the low western end of the North Downs

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The name Crondall is believed to derive from the Old English ‘crundel’, a chalk-pit or lime quarry, the remains of which can be seen as a depression on the golf-course.

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All Saints Church Crondall

The 12th Century Norman parish church replaced a Saxon church on the same site. The Saxon font remains from that period. The east end of the Nave dates to 1170.

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Cricket on Hook Meadow

Crondall Cricket Club regularly plays cricket on Hook Meadow and also hosts matches involving other local clubs.

Welcome to the Crondall Parish Council Website

Crondall Parish Council is committed to working for the good of the whole of Crondall Parish and wants to hear your views on what we should be doing to support the local community. All your ideas are welcomed. Please take a moment to explore the village

About Crondall Village

Crondall Village PropertyCrondall Village Play AreaCrondall Village Hook Meadow PoplarsCrondall is a thriving, popular and attractive village in North East Hampshire, England.  The village formed part of the “Crondall Hundred” which is mentioned in the Doomsday book.  The current Parish was managed jointly with Ewshot Ward (a neighbouring village) until 2010.  The current Parish comprises 731 dwellings housing around 1,239 people.

The parish is served by 3 public houses, 1 shop, 2 churches, 1 Rolls Royce dealership, 1 car dealership, 1 petrol station, a number of farms and numerous small businesses.  The local school is thriving and recently received a double “excellent” for their OFSTED inspections.

Latest News

3-bed rental vacancy at 11 Lefroys Field

English Rural Housing Association is the landlord for the rented housing built at Crondall and are now looking for a new tenant for 11 Lefroys Field, Crondall. This home is part of an affordable housing development designed to meet the needs of local people and applicants need a local connection. 2014.09.10 Poster Crondall 2014.09.10 Poster Crondal

Crondall Pond to be Dredged

Local residents have arranged for Crondall Pond to be dredged sometime in the week commencing Monday 8th September 2014, the work is expected to take two days. Undertaken locally under a Licence issued by the Environment Agency the dredging will reduce the build up of silt and vegetation in the pond. Residents are asked to note that there may be a