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Neighbourhood Plan

As mentioned in my last update here on the council website, the NPWG has been working hard to create a draft Neighbourhood Plan that how now been submitted for Screening to Hart DC.

Screening is a review by Hart to assess whether Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA) and Habitats Regulation Assessments (HRA) are required for our Plan.

A pre-requisite is to include the proposed sites. The NPWG underwent a thorough process of;  assessing the overall need, establishing the plan numbers, scoring the sites against agreed criteria.

Based upon this exercise a recommendation was made to the Parish Council and approved at the February Council meeting.

NP Site Selection CRON-PL-NHP-0020

The feedback from Hart will inform the ultimate site selection which will be incorporated into the Pre-Submission Plan (PSP)

We continue to work on the draft PSP, which will be brought to public consultation after the further guidance has been incorporated from Hart and our consultant. It is difficult to define exactly when the public consultation will take place owing to dependencies outside our control. If the reviews by our consultant are favourable and no SEA/HRA are required by Hart, I would hope that the public consultation could start in 2 months from now (May 2018). If however an SEA is required, we will have to commission a third party to perform this and could take a further 4 months (September 2018).

 Please keep visiting these pages as we will continue to keep you updated here first.

 Simon O’Connor

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