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Neighbourhood Plan

An update of the Neighbourhood Plan progress was published (dated 7th September 2017) in the October edition of the Crondall Society magazine. This was also made available via the NP-WG Facebook Page and is available here NP Article 0917 for website

A public Exhibition of the Sites identified for the Neighbourhood Plan was held on 12th & 14th October. There was significant attendance with over 220 people attending at the Church Rooms. Thereafter feedback was received and entered into a Survey Monkey system to enable us to process your responses. The overall process was strongly and broadly supported across the parish, with the draft Site Assessments, Vision & Objectives, Local Gap and Local Green Spaces all strongly supported. In additional comments, respondents took the opportunity to thank the NPWG for their work and made some suggestions for improvements to the Site Assessments.  Although opinions differed, there were no upheld points of policy non-compliance.  This was especially notable in relation to developer submissions that tended to present strongly policy based arguments.

The consultation recommends minor changes to the Site Assessments for SHLAs: 74 & 159A, with some additional checks to be made to CRON10 & 11 concerning landfill.  The status of the Local Gap in site assessment should be confirmed and its extension north to the Parish Boundary considered.  4 additional Local Green Spaces should be investigated.

A presentation of the feedback statistics and primary observations will be made available on this website when the NPWG group has completed processing the data. 

In the meantime please keep reviewing this website for regular progress updates reported via the NPWG Updates to the Council and the NPWG Minutes  

Simon O’Connor

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