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Sites Exhibition October 2017:-

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NP Questionnaire Results April 2017:-

The Questionnaire process for all Crondall Parish residents was successfully completed as per the schedule. In total 400 responses were received, which represents approximately 30% of the voting population.

This is a significant response and demonstrates the depth of feeling that we all have regarding the future of the parish.

Using both a paper survey and an online version proved to be a great success and undoubtedly increased the level of respondents, despite it being a somewhat laborious but unavoidable process!

The 165 paper questionnaires received have been manually input. The data is now being mined and will be used to inform the Working Group regarding the formulation of policies.

Statistics from the survey have been compiled and were presented publicly at the Annual Parish Meeting on Monday 10th April.

The Presentation of the results can be seen here Questionnaire Presentation for CPC April 2017

We hope that the statistics will be of interest to everyone who took the time and effort to complete the survey.


Simon O’Connor