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Public Engagement and Feedback

Site Down selection and Housing Target

At its meeting in February 2018 Council reviewed and approved the Site Down Selection and Housing Target

NP Site Selection CRON-PL-NHP-0020

Crondall NP Housing Target Confirmation CRON-PL-NHP-0018

Site Exhibition Consultation

Further to the Site Exhibition, a report was produced based upon public feedback. Assessments of the sites were amended accordingly. This information is being used to inform the content of the draft Neighbourhood plan which will be provided for Hart DC for screening assessment.

Crondall NP Site Exhibition Consultation Summary

Info Board – CRON Sites V2

Info Board – SHLA Sites V2


Neighbourhood Plan FAQ

A document has been prepared to answer questions raised by a resident, which may help to provide supporting information.

FAQ Document

Site Exhibition October 2017

A public Exhibition of the Sites identified for the Neighbourhood Plan was held on 12th & 14th October. There was significant attendance with over 220 people attending at the Church Rooms. Thereafter feedback was received and entered into a Survey Monkey system to enable us to process your responses. The overall process was strongly and broadly supported across the parish, with the draft Site Assessments, Vision & Objectives, Local Gap and Local Green Spaces all strongly supported. In additional comments, respondents took the opportunity to thank the NPWG for their work and made some suggestions for improvements to the Site Assessments.  Although opinions differed, there were no upheld points of policy non-compliance.  This was especially notable in relation to developer submissions that tended to present strongly policy based arguments.

The consultation recommends minor changes to the Site Assessments for SHLAs: 74 & 159A, with some additional checks to be made to CRON10 & 11 concerning landfill.  The status of the Local Gap in site assessment should be confirmed and its extension north to the Parish Boundary considered.  4 additional Local Green Spaces should be investigated.

The Exhibition material can be viewed here:

Exhibition Presentation

Exhibition Info Board – CRON Sites_v1

Exhibition Info Board – SHLA Sites_v1

Crondall Society Article September 2017

An update of the Neighbourhood Plan progress was published in the October edition of the Crondall Society magazine.

This was also made available via the NP-WG Facebook Page and is available here  NP Article 0917 for website


NP Questionnaire Results April 2017

The Questionnaire process for all Crondall Parish residents was successfully completed as per the schedule. In total 400 responses were received, which represents approximately 30% of the voting population.

Statistics from the survey were presented publicly at the Annual Parish Meeting on Monday 10th April. The Presentation of the results can be seen here Questionnaire Presentation for CPC April 2017


 Village Initial Briefing

Village Briefing NP Presentation 26July2016